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Driver Declaration

  • Neither I, nor any other driver named on this rental agreement has ever had an insurance proposal declined, renewal refused or insurance cancelled by an Insurer or has withheld information which would influence the provision of motor insurance.

  • I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, no information has been withheld which would influence the provision of motor insurance to me or any other driver named on the rental agreement.

  • I acknowledge that any false declaration will render the insurance invalid and that I will be responsible for both any damage to the Switch vehicle as well as any Third Party claims.

  • I agree that while the rental agreement is in force I will be liable as owner / hirer of the vehicle, or any replacement vehicle, for any fixed penalty offence, penalty charge notice, notice to owner, parking charge notice for that vehicle under S66 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, Schedule 6 Road Traffic Act 1991, Traffic Management Act 2004, Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and any other relevant legislation detailed in condition 7d of the rental terms and conditions. I hereby acknowledge my liability for all fines or charges arising from such infringements, plus an Administration Fee of £42.00 for each such fine or charge.

  • If this, or any other vehicle hired under this rental agreement is damaged, I hereby acknowledge my liability to meet all costs arising as set out in the INSURANCE DETAILS section on my rental agreement along with a Damage Administration Fee of £33.00 for costs £0 - £200, of £45.00 for costs £201 - £500 or £57.00 for costs over £500.

  • I have read and agree to the terms and conditions supplied to me by electronic rental agreement and terms and conditions sent to me by email. I warrant that I am authorised to sign this Agreement on behalf of all hirers hereunder. I authorise Switch, irrevocably, to debit all charges arising under this agreement either to the debit / credit card account detailed hereon or to the account of the Hirer named above. I confirm that all charges will be paid immediately and without offset or deduction and that no refunds are due in the event I wish to terminate the rental prior to the hire end date above.

  • I have read, understood and acknowledge the Switch 'Privacy Notice' available on or in branch.

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