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Consumer Duty

The board of directors take full responsibility for ensuring that the Consumer Duty is properly embedded within our business and senior managers are accountable for the outcomes our customers are experiencing,


  • put our consumers at the heart of our business and focus on delivering good outcomes for customers

  • provide products and services that are designed to meet customers' needs, that they know provide fair value, that help customers achieve their financial objectives and which do not cause them harm

  • communicate and engage with customers so that they can make effective, timely and properly informed decisions about our products and services and can take responsibility for their actions and decisions

  • not seek to exploit customers' behavioural biases, lack of knowledge or characteristics of vulnerability

  • support our customers in realising the benefits of the products and services they buy and acting in their interests without unreasonable barriers

  • consistently consider the needs of our customers, and how they behave, at every stage of the product/service lifecycle

  • continuously learn from our growing focus and awareness of real customer outcomes

  • ensure that the interests of our customers are central to our culture and purpose and embedded throughout the organisation

  • monitor and regularly review the outcomes that our customers are experiencing in practice and take action to address any risks to good customer outcomes

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